Mark D’Ball and David Mark’s Sympathy Trump Card



By Ann Onu


I have reliable information that in fact Senator David mark of himself is responsible for the court case that has thrown his much touted Mark “D” Ball tournament into confusion. The longest serving Senator of Nigeria who is seeing no more political hay to make from the games decided in a well attended meeting of his conclave to strategically kill two birds with one stone here. Remove himself from the financial burden of the games and at the same time score a great and if possible wounding political point by making it seem it was his political foe Abounu that was responsible for his inability to sponsor the games.

This came about as a result of paucity of sponsors this year because of the lull in the political fortune of Senator David Mark who has moved from the pinnacle of his power from being the putative president of Nigeria under President Goodluck Jonathan, to becoming an unheralded floor member of the Senate with no committee chairmanship to his name except his seniority. He sees himself as slithering into the dark hole of obscurity. And for David the man that is generally known for his supercilious reflexes, the only thing left for him is the sympathy or should I say, pity, on him by the people of zone c particularly the Idoma people by appealing to their emotions in whatever way he could. This is one of them. Unfortunately, it is badly scripted.

It is a notorious fact over the years that there has been disagreement between ‘Idoma Private Trust’ and David Mark Sports Foundation over the inability of the Sports foundation to meet its contractual obligations on the use of it facilities to host the games.The existence of this dispute gave the Senator the impetus he needed to trigger his plan of disengagement with as little political injury to himself as possible. Being the military tactician or strategist that David Mark is, he chose Abounu as the fall guy. It was decided that this should be rolled out, articles written about it until it becomes the narrative. Unfortunately, it is not working.

The Senator has forgotten why he was elected in the first place. He has forgotten that he was not elected to stage games in Otukpo or any part of zone C whatsoever in the first place. He has forgotten that he was elected to represent us, advance our interests, and speak for us when issues that threaten our very existence is buffeting us. So far since his re-election he has done a very poor job of it. He is nary seen in the Senate. Even when he shows up in the senate, he has become the chairman of the committee of observation. He was not there when issues that pertains to Agatu was being thrashed out. His voice was never lifted either to support or reject the Grazing Commission that could enable the Federal Government to take our lands away. But here he is, starting a ruse to gin up pity for himself and play up sympathy support based on the raw emotion of the people by recasting himself as the persecuted victim of the Deputy Governor of Benue. It is a shame.



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One thought on “Mark D’Ball and David Mark’s Sympathy Trump Card

  1. I read this article with bated breathe for the “reliable information” that Senator David Mark is responsible for the Court case that has thrown the Mark D Ball tournament into confusion. Unfortunately, the writer failed or neglect to furnish any jot of evidence in this regard. I was expecting that the Plaintiff who instituted this suit was interviewed or the Judge who granted the Exparte injunction spoke out. Again, none of this happened. How the writer arrived at this conclusion is baffling. That David Mark would have the influence to pull this “stunts” in a High Court in Makurdi under the present leadership of APC beats my imagination. This article at best smacks of reckless speculation in my opinion. Poor journalism

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