Suswam and The Kleptomania Virus



By Morgan Adikwu

“It is not only primitive but also obscene to pilfered public readies (in billions of naira) while millions suffer abject penury with infrastructural decay”. Morgan Adikwu


The ancient people considered kleptomania to be demonic, because of its effects on the victim. However, contemporary research has revealed that, kleptomania is a mental disorder that compels its victim to steal, even what he doesn’t have need for it. Some schools of thoughts are of the view that, it is the inability to refrain from the urge to steal. While others opined that, it is the irresistible obsessive impulse to steal, stemming from emotional disturbance rather than the economic need or arising from an unconscious symbolic value associated with the stolen item.


When the present Benue State Government, first raised the issue of #169 billion debt, former governor Gabriel Suswam left behind, many thought it was scandalous. But when the Justice Kpojime commission of inquiry came up with its findings and recommended that Suswam, 51 others and 10 corporate organizations to refund #107 billion and further investigation into #44 billion that time limited their assignment to cover. Some Suswam sponsored agents are quick to refer to it as outrageous and a witch hunt.


Outrageous! Yes, for such a debt profile and pilfer, a witch haunt, No. Why are these agents so quick to forget the alleged over #80 billion, that was laundered for the importation of pigs in 2010 before the World Cup tournament in South Africa? A move that was alleged to be for the refurbishment of his ( Suswam) hotel in South Africa in preparation for the World Cup. Also, despite the numerous financial fraud perpetrated under the Suswam administration, his compulsion did not refrain him (Suswam) from the SURE-P funds made for the poor unemployed, the #1 billion commercial agricultural credit scheme loan from CBN in 2012, the #2 billion MSMEs development fund loan from CBN in 2015, the #500 million emergency relief fund for the flood victims, received from the federal government in 2012.

My worries; these infectious agents of former governor Suswam never advice him that the SURE-P, CBN, MSMEs and the flood victims funds is meant for the ‘not well to do’ citizens of Benue State and that he (Suswam) doesn’t have need for such funds. In their covetousness, they also forgot to inform Suswam that, there is nothing like overhead arrears, that Suswam had to collect #450 million two days before he left office.

Now that billions of naira is being discovered in some politically displaced persons farm, I will like to employ Berger Alfred Mrp to take us to that Suswam’s soyabeans farm, he published sometime in January, probably we might find part of the #107 billion looted from Benue treasury.

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One thought on “Suswam and The Kleptomania Virus

  1. why are the rich not tired to en masse wealth? for how long? for what use? it might not be bad but the victims(paupers) of such actions should be taken into consideration. Suswam has been in power right at Rep. to the Gubernatorial level; if not because he lost the senate bid…let any measure needed to recover these funds be used. ‘ The great are great because we carry them on our shoulders’

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